We have a Full-Service Custom Butcher shop.


Marinated steak tips, homemade sausage, and Choice cuts of beef and pork are available every day. Try our new Chicken Sausage – JALAPENO POPPER: Made with light and dark meat Fresh Chicken, Bacon, Jalapenos, Cheese, and a ranch seasoning! Our new steak tip marinade for the season is Sesame Ginger.

Make sure to check out our “WICKED QUICK” Butcher and Deli case, where we have pre-packed all of your favorite meats and added a few new items to get you grillin’ and chillin’ even quicker!

Meat Market Update 5/25 – Demand is vastly outpacing production in the beef, pork, and chicken markets. Availability is fair to good, but prices are high. We have sharpened our pencils and are providing the best pricing we can during this situation. We are updating our prices actively to reflect changing market conditions, and can not effectively publish every price change here. For this reason, we are currently not offering bulk pricing or meat packages either. For updated pricing, please call 603-942-9963 or pick up an updated price sheet in the store. Thank you!